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I help those on a path of self discovery reconnect to their inner wisdom and highest potential using both ancient practices and digital exploration tools to foster authentic, soul-aligned living.

Maharni Hariga


Maharani is AMAZING to work with! She walked me through something called the Dharma Blueprint and i was able to learn so much more about myself and what my strengths are to utilize in my coaching business. She listens so well and intently and is so validating. I was able to understand and refine how i wanted to coach based on only one session i had with her. She has such a calming presence as well and you feel so comfortable expressing yourself to her. You will definitely receive so many insights working with her! Thank you again Maharani!!


Most of the times I've gone into a session really exhausted and my mind was extremely cluttered with everything in my life...; the benefit for me was that I felt centred and my mind was less all over the place. For me this is very important to function better and during a busy period it help me put things in perspective and panic less. The best part is that there is no judgement and I have to open up only as much as I feel comfortable with in that moment. And most importantly, Rani is a very warm and nurturing person and with all the benefits of a coaching session, its always nice to be around a pleasant person.


After the session with Rani, I feel a sense of clarity and empowerment that I didn't have before. Rani was phenomenal in her approach, taking the time to explain my unique Human Design in a manner that was easy to understand and deeply insightful. Her expertise was evident in every aspect of the session, and her empathy created a comfortable space for exploration and understanding. She was patient in addressing my queries and made sure that I was following along every step of the way.


Before I was on this course, I was unsure where I wanted to work and unsure on my purpose. I was recovering from a breakup and, like, homelessness before I started at the time, then now after, I feel like I've got a real clear direction on where I want to go. And I've got quite a lot of knowledge now of myself. I feel like I've learned a considerable lot about myself. So now I know what I really like and my interests, and through that, I can kind of channel my energy now to a direction that I'd like to go.


...you have to put your personal experience with being with that person before somehow synthesize the reading with the Human Design as based on some examples that you've seen in their behavior in the past and make that come into one pretty package. And you're doing with all these multiple things that Human Design has. So I am very grateful. I hope you don't realize that I don't take this session lightly in terms of not realizing the effort and the energy that you have to put forth beforehand to even have this type of reading.


It's brought so much clarity into my plans and it's just helped in terms of voicing out my dreams, my aspirations and what I want to achieve and put a plan towards those goals. So that's been really helpful for me. I think it's great to have an accountability person that's working alongside you, and I think it's just really great to be given the space to dream, to think about the life you want to create.


It feels very natural to talk to her and I feel very much listened to her. She holds space. I just love her holding space skills. And just because she listens to me, I feel so heard and understood that I basically come to my own conclusions or have my own insights. And that's what I love about coaching with Rani, that I always find my own truth within myself, actually, rather than someone giving me some random advice that I should follow. And I feel very relaxed now, still a bit excited about all those insights that we created during our session.


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